Lagos Virtual Reality Hackathon 2016 
October 28th, 2016
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Nigeria’s First Ever VR Hackathon! - by Imisi 3D
Calling all who love creativity, innovation and learning! The VR Hackathon is an opportunity to learn about Virtual Reality and other immersive technologies, meet new people, and get hands-on experience with VR design and development.

What is a VR hackathon?
A hackathon is a fun, fast paced, strenuous, yet highly rewarding event where developers/coders, designers, strategists, and enthusiasts come together to work on project ideas and win prizes.
The VR hackathon will last 8 hours and focus on the rapidly evolving immersive technology of Virtual Reality. It isn’t just about technology. It’s also about design, creation, and problem solving. If you have an interest in art, graphics, 3D modelling, film, education, sound design, game design, or business, you will enjoy the VR hackathon.

Who should apply?
Everyone! Software developers, game programmers, makers, UI/UX designers, artists, animators, storytellers, enthusiasts, professionals, students, and all that want to spend time creating solutions with virtual reality and other immersive technologies.
Remember, anyone can go to a hackathon, regardless of their level of expertise.

How Do I Register For The Hackathon?
Please fill out this form with all of your information. Before you fill out the form, visit the Lagos VR Hackathon Facebook group to find team members for the hackathon.

I Registered! Does This Guarantee Me A Spot In The Hack?
No. Registration closes on September 9th at 11.59pm GMT.

Due to limited space, we will be shortlisting participants based on the quality of their hackathon idea, the  composition of their team and their demonstration of ability to execute. From this, we will determine who will be invited to participate. Notifications will be sent out by the end of September 16.

What Type Of Things Should We Build?
There are three themes for the hackathon - Education; Healthcare and Hospitality/Tourism. Give your imagination free reign, and conceptualise ways in which we can create Nigerian solutions in these 3 sectors.

What Language Or Platform Can I Use?
The choice is yours! As long as you are confident that you can come up with a working virtual reality experience by the end of the hackathon, we are fine.

Who Owns The Code After We're Done?
You do! Imisi 3D does not own any of your code. Feel free to open source your code, expand on it, etc. This is a great opportunity to make use of advice from industry experts!

Do I Have To Be On A Team? What If I Don’t Have One?
Yes you do,  working in teams will allow you to get more done in the limited amount of time you'll have. If you don't have a team already join the VR hackathon facebook group to find complimentary talent to help bring your idea to life. Each team member must complete their own application form,

Once again, all members of your team MUST register individually for the opportunity to attend*

Will Food Be Provided?
Of course! It might not be suya and orijin but you will not go hungry.

What Should I Bring?
You should bring yourself, great ideas, a laptop with a power cord, and any virtual reality equipment you have.

Thanks for your interest in applying.

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And what's your main area of expertise?

Do you own your own virtual reality device?

If you do, please bring it along. The more the merrier :)

Which of the 3 themes does your hackathon idea tackle?

Describe your hackathon idea. Remember you need to show how you address at least one of the hackathon themes, and how you plan to execute the idea.

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